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Packing Detail & Ceramic Application

Your Position :Packing Detail & Ceramic Application

Dimension (mm) Tiles Per Box (Pcs.) Weight(K.G) Area covered in box(Sq.F/S.M) Packing System
300x450 MM 6 Pcs. 13 8.71/0.81 Corrugated box
300x600 MM 5 Pcs. 15.5 9.68/0.90 Corrugated box
300x900 MM 4 Pcs. 21 11.62/1.08 Corrugated box
350x750 MM 4 Pcs. 19.6 11.30/1.05 Corrugated box
400x800 MM 4 Pcs. 23.7 13.77/1.28 Corrugated box
450x900 MM 4 Pcs. 27.8 17.44/1.62 Corrugated box
250x500 MM 6 Pcs. 11 8.07/0.75 Corrugated box
300x300 MM(Floor) 9 Pcs. 12 8.71/0.81 Corrugated box
Note :
Certain amount of size and shade variation is inherent in all ceramic products. Our conformity to the above standards is applicable only for premium Quality. Colours shown are as accurate as the limitations of the printing process will allow. Prospective customers are advised to ensure the accuracy of the information given. However, the company reserves the right to change the specification without prior notice. Sometimes variations in shade or size being inherent to ceramic industry may occur. It is suggested to check the before purchase and laying as the company does not accept responsibility once the tiles are laid.
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