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Ceramic Inkjet Printing :
Digital printing machines changed the dynamics of the manufacturing processes and delivering innovative new products to the market. The ceramic tile industry is very dynamic, driven by consumer trends and retailer demands and, as such, is changing rapidly. The main market drivers as seen today are:
fenix ceramicShorter life cycle of products.
fenix ceramicMore frequent design changes.
fenix ceramicDesire for greater product differentiation.
fenix ceramicCustomization & personalization.
fenix ceramicWider range of tile types, including textured tiles.
fenix ceramicShorter print runs.
fenix ceramicCost reduction.
fenix ceramicSupply chain restructuring.
fenix ceramicQuality.
fenix ceramic
Digital printing technology is outselling conventional analog systems (Flat, rotoscreen, roto cylinder) due to its versatility and flexibility. Though, the Ink jet inks used in Digital printing costing more than conventional inks, this is outweighed by the cost saving in the print rollers, the time saved in setting up analog systems & reduced inventory levels. There has been a steady evolution of printer electronics, printing software, print-heads, inks, pigments and chemicals. Of course, strong competition among different companies has been a catalyst for this. Ceramic inkjet decoration machines perfectly fit into the existing production lines and improve efficiency.

Advantages of Digital printing machine:

fenix ceramicShort run - labour costs of set-up and job change can make traditional printing impractical for unique projects and uneconomic for a short print run.
fenix ceramicPrinting of textured tiles and tile edge decoration.
fenix ceramicHigh production cost of one-off tiles for sample purposes.

Plus, of course, traditional print does not cater for the current need for rapid change which demands "just-in-time" solutions and economic methods of handling short print runs with both acceptable production efficiencies and levels of non-productive down-time (it takes 30 minutes to change rollers on the traditional printing machines and 1.5 hours to adjust the colour). With inkjet and digital technology, changes in images and print jobs can be done quickly.

Disadvantages :

There are more advantages but we must also admit that digital printing cannot always substitute for traditional methods of printing, especially when we need higher thicknesses of paste or when we need strongly colored surface areas.

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