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fenix ceramic


Promoters of the company are family members and relatives. Mr. T.D.PATEL, the Mentor of the company is a veteran industrialist. Mr. Tulshibhai Patel is a quick decision maker and having dynamic personality. He has earned a name & fame across the world in 20 years of experience in largest Trade Mark exporting & Manufacturing of Ceramic Products.

He is looking after development of Domestic and International markets. His expertise in the ceramic tiles makes continuous innovation and empowerment in the field of ceramic industries. His motivation and courage to innovate new thing has made stylish and quality based product in the market. His main objective is to give quality apart from quantity.

He always produces in large quantities. He was of the opinion that customer should be provided with best quality goods as the lowest price. Morever he was manufacturing as well as marketing on international platform. He knows how to offer product mix, identify markets and establish viable distribution structure. Which hold one of his famous brand FENIX.

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fenix ceramic